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Euro-plus Design is an award-winning, full service residential interior design firm . In connection with each project, whether large in scale or smaller in scope,, every client is given personalized attention. From construction design and coordination, fabrics, furniture and floor plans, windows, walls and accessories, Susan Brisk introduces innovative ideas and offers her clients the opportunity to explore various options to create interiors specific to their lifestyle and taste. Susan’s clients cite her “professionalism,personal attention, and availability” as some of the key reasons they wholeheartedly endorse her. Her keen ability to translate her clients’ needs and desires into a comfortable, beautiful and functional space affords Susan her reputation.

Meet Susan


Installation art! That’s what excites and delights me.

I was fortunate to meet an interior designer while in high school, which awakened the desire to follow his career path. Later, I met  and worked with Steven Levine who was a systems engineer. He knew all about where you place items in the kitchen and bath according to its use. I have now married the two.

Candidly, I’m a foodie. So I view preparing and serving meals as a social gathering. I love shopping, making new recipes, and entertaining family and friends. I read cookbooks like a novel. This combination of functional design and cooking makes me an ideal resource for the couple who cherish family and enjoy showing off their kitchens.

In collaboration, let’s transform your space so that when you walk into a room, you’re in the midst of a work of art.

About Euro-Plus Design



Certified Kitchen Design, Certified Living in Place professional, Certified Aging in Place Specialist, National Council for Interior Design Qualification

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