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Design Build Process

Our Design-Build experience gives you flexibility and confidence through each step of the process. Equally important, we strive to make each of those steps satisfying and fun. After meeting to determine your needs and the scope of your project, we will guide you through the following project stages:


Conceptual Design and Feasibility
To make your dream a reality, we start with ideas—yours and ours. You will work one-on-one with a project designer, who will listen to your thoughts and then create several different design schemes to illustrate the possible approaches you might take. Together, you and your project designer will explore alternatives and material options to begin developing a conceptual plan with a preliminary budget for your project.  

Design Development
Once you have decided on a design approach, you and your project designer will begin turning these ideas into a working strategy. We help you firm up your choice of materials and your budget, creating meticulous plans, drawings, and specification lists. At this point in the project, we fine-tune your goals and address every detail. Careful planning at this stage reduces construction costs and streamlines the construction schedule.

Construction Documentation
Now we are ready to create the detailed documents necessary for construction. These will include structural plans, mechanical plans, building sections, final specifications, and final pricing, as well as your construction schedule. We will handle the permitting process, prepare the construction agreement for your review and signature, and appoint an experienced project manager to oversee the upcoming work. 

As your primary point of contact, your project manager guides you through the construction process. We take great care to safeguard your home, your family, your belongings, and your daily routine. This may include sealing off the work area, covering floors and walkways with protective materials, and setting up a temporary kitchen if necessary. You can count on us to keep a job book on site, with a complete set of plans, a schedule, and daily project reports. We provide regular updates—and the project site is left broom clean each day.

We will take many measures to make certain that your project experience is a good one—and when everything is done, we will introduce you to your new space, walking you through it to demonstrate its features and fine-tune where needed. At this point, a celebration is in order. Sometimes we arrive with hot coffee and a basket of muffins, or we may pop open a bottle of champagne and propose a toast. Whatever form your celebration takes, you can be sure that we are honored and delighted to have joined you on this journey.

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